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Using our Client Admissions Portal

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How to Use our Admissions Portal

Our admissions portal can be used to submit clinical documents and paperwork for any of your clients directly to our medical record!


  1. Click the “Admissions Portal” link under the “Admissions” menu above.  (Or click here to open it in a new window)
  2. Click on the “Don’t Have an Account? APPLY HERE” link under the LOGIN button.
  3. Select “CONSULTANT” from the user options.
  4. Select “The Landing” from the facility menu.
  5. Fill out the form on the next page, and select your password.
  6. Click “Sign Up”
  7. Login with your new password!  You’re DONE signing up! You can submit documents for as many clients as you need


  1. Login to the Portal and complete the Participant Demographics section in the application. Enter as much information about the client as you can.
  2. Click “Submit and Continue.”  This will take you to the forms list for this client, and you can start the admissions packet.
  3. Submit the Admissions Packet for your client, then click the Menu icon in the top left of the portal to return to the home page.
  4. Click “Add Participant” to start the process for another client.

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